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Capital Caldwell - Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or buying your third home, the process of purchasing real estate has several key areas that need to be addressed. Capital Caldwell has a proven system in place and will walk you through the process as if we were buying the home for ourselves. Some key points to think of before you get started:

Financing: Make sure your qualified and pre approved before we start searching for your home. What can you afford? Talking with a lender about what you can afford should be the first step to purchasing a home. Meet with a lender before you even begin looking at homes.

Affordability: What can you afford? Get your pre approval out of the way. It only takes a few minutes and will give you peace of mind.

Loan amount (Use "." for Decimals)
Duration years
Interest rate %
Monthly repayments USD

When purchasing Real Estate you want to be assured that your Realtor has you're best interest. Being on the same page with your Realtor and your Lender is important.